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        Focus on PCBA sub-board process solution provider

          Dongguan Yixie Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of PCBA automatic splitting machine, milling cutter splitting machine, and online splitting machine. EXE has a senior R&D and design team and a complete after-sales service system. Its products are used in PCBA sub-boards in high-end manufacturing industries such as smart phones, smart wearables, smart homes, tablets, automotive electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, military industry , Home appliances and other fields.



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            • New patent for circuit board splitter
            • New patent for road board splitter
            • CCD component new patent
            • New patent for air outlet module
            • Appearance patent of cutter head rail
            • New patent for tiered tube
            • Design patent
            • Vacuum funnel
            • New patent certificate
            • New patent certificate
            • Computer software copyright registration
            • Computer software copyright registration
            • Computer software copyright registration


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