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      公司具體產品有:萘系高效減水劑,脂肪族高效減水劑,氨基磺酸鹽高性能減水劑,聚羧酸高性能減水劑以及其它改良型新產品,是中國為數不多的集自主研發,生產銷售于一體的混凝土外加劑廠家。先進的生產工藝、完善的實驗設備,化工合成、水劑、粉劑復配等多個生產廠區,使我公司有較強的生產能力。公司現已通過ISO9001:2000國際質量管理體系,3C認證,并具有自營進出口權,產品以優良的品質和合理的價格暢銷全國各地并出口海外多個國家。多年來,我們以穩定的質量、可靠地性能、良好的效果成功服務了全國近百家大型混凝土公司,產品廣泛應用于高鐵、市政工程、高速公路,礦井及各種混凝土預制構件廠等眾多領域。 公司技術力量雄厚,創新能力強。自成立以來始終堅持科技創新,堅持質量就是企業的生命,生產與銷售始終恪守質量為本、信譽至上的原則。



      Anhui Jiayuan Building Materials Co., LTD is located in No. 1, Jiayuan Road, Yongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou city, Anhui province, with an area of more than 200 mu and an asset of more than 200 million yuan.Company is a collection of concrete admixture products production, research and development, the sale in a body comprehensive enterprise of science and technology, is a focus on the introduction of high-tech enterprises in anhui province, has won the "suzhou city contract trustworthiness enterprise", "suzhou city key policy support enterprise" and other honors, products was awarded the "construction of scientific and technological achievements to promote the products in anhui province".The company is a unit of China Concrete admixture Association. It has established its own research and development center with China University of Mining and Technology by combining independent innovation and technology introduction. It has become a pioneer in technical innovation of concrete admixtures.

      The company's specific products are: naphthalene series of efficient water reducer, aliphatic efficient water reducer, sulfamate high-performance water reducer, polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducer and other improved new products, is one of the few set of independent research and development, production and sales in one of the concrete additives manufacturers.Advanced production technology, perfect experimental equipment, chemical synthesis, water, powder compound and other production areas, so that our company has a strong production capacity.The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, 3C certification, and has the right to import and export, products with excellent quality and reasonable prices sold throughout the country and exported to many overseas countries.Over the years, we have successfully served nearly 100 large concrete companies in China with stable quality, reliable performance and good effect, and our products are widely used in high-speed railway, municipal engineering, highway, mine and various precast concrete component factories and other fields.The company has strong technical force and strong innovation ability.Since its inception always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the quality is the life of the enterprise, production and sales always abide by the quality, credibility first principle.

      Development originates from cooperation, and sincerity creates eternity!